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My Computer is my Life Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaThe Weird Stamp by drag0nr1derTomboy Stamp by crazylaura64Torchwood Stamp - Tosh by CarthorisTeen Wolf Fan Stamp by sugarpoultryGuy-Friends Stamp by Tri-JeanI hate school not education by EryStampsI Hate Twilight Stamp by strawberrymewgalDay Dreamer Stamp by Sora05I Love Chocolate by SophibelleWishful Thinking by whispwillHarry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseMarvel Comics Hawkeye Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanMarvel Comics Hulk Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanWhovian Stamp by CarthorisStamp - Slash by KanaScottEpic Music Stamp by tranceofstardustStamp 79 by Frobie-MangakaMPreg stamp by MarmaladeYuuSherlocked by darkestmelodyPoet by Girl-just-let-go-200Supernatural stamp by kshapiroI wear Converses by ArunaudoLoner by ManicStampsLost in my imagination... by PixieRiotStamp. by TrynnieI Think Cowboys Are Sexy Stamp by ProdigiesBill Nye by myxchemicalxkissStamp - I'm proud of my autism by ElizaSun123The fault in our stars signature by chesterinabook stamp by RoseRaptor-StampsBi stamp v. 2 by hope-is-overratedFemale Sci-fi Fan - stamp by TwinTwosGirlUNDER THE DOME ~ STAMP by VulpixiElementary by SacredLugiaHansel Stamp by SacredLugia

I am here because: I love fanart and FanFiction, I write/read fanfiction also.

I'm the P.I.M.P and these are my manhoes and hoes:

:iconbjorneng: ~ Big Brother/Best Friend/Submissive

:iconelviratepes: ~ Sister

:iconkborart: ~ Best Friend

:iconmidnightmoonwarrior: ~ Sister/Best Friend/Muse

:iconrogue-ranger: ~ Brother/Best Friend


My birthday badge

Rogue/Roguey: Also known as Rogue-Ranger here on DeviantART. He's a tall, blonde curly haired, green eyed Power Ranger and cat loving fuck who's a sweet as candy and as gay as John Barrowman (well almost) with some social issues. Being one of the first friends I made on here, he is one of my best assets.

Midnight/Wolf: Also known as MidnightMoonWarrior here on DeviantART. She's a blonde, glasses wearing, collage going. insane and slightly unstable human who has tenancies to drop in and out of contact sporadically via both e-mail and DeviantART messaging. Despite this, she is an all round awesome girl who's little brother (as most siblings do) annoys the hell out of her.

BJ: An awesome 20-something guy living somewhere in New York, possibly with another man (very unsure) and all good, happy-go-lucky guy. I haven't talked to him much recently as I've either forgotten most of my account passwords to Skype, AIM and such or policies have changed which forces me to remove my accounts. I still try my best though to keep in contact.



Mam/Mum/Mom/Mummy/Bitch: My mother, an affectionate Asperger's syndrome sufferer (like myself) who stays home to care for both me and herself. She's been going though a lot of health problems recently like myself, as well as another breast cancer scare since the removal of her first cancer last year. But still, she's great, when she wants to be of course.

Daddy/Dad: My father, a kinda great happy-go-lucky Aboriginal trucker who I see only so often. No one in the family really likes him, but I think he's okay. I've been told about the bad things he's done and I remember how uninvolved he was in my life up until a certain age, but I really don't care. He's my Dad, he's made some mistakes, but i knwo he has some good in his heart at least.

Dana/The Step: My stepmother and the mother of my two siblings Jordan and Jessica. I am proud to call her my stepmother because I get along with her so well and I feel like I can talk to her about everything and anything. She helps me with my schoolwork when I need it (and trust me, I do!) and always greets me with a smile.

Ben/Benjamin: The eldest of my four siblings genetically related by blood. A 30 year old blonde haired, punk rock band leader with a taste for dirty clothes and no deodorant or a shaver whatsoever. Once living on the doll, now working somewhere unknown.

Renee/Nae: The second eldest. A 28-29 year old bipolar model/hairdresser with commitment issues and a hard knock life, if you know what I mean.

Jordan/Smithy: The third eldest. A 18 year old sort-of professional games developer still living with my Dad and his Mother, Dana down some streets away from me. full of random facts and information, he's more interesting than his sister to me, but only by so much.

Jessica/The Headache/The Cannonball: The youngest since I'm in front behind Jordan. A 12 year old trying to grow up too fast, Jessica is basically someone who adulterates everything, from her hair to painting her nails and toes, to makeup and clothing and all she wears is high-heeled shoes. She also, belatedly exaggerates /anything/ she can, including her friends, her depression and most of all, her love life, which shouldn't even exist.


Rowdy: Okay, the last time I ever mentioned Rowdy was about a year and a bit back now. My former, blonde haired ex-boyfriend who took it too far in a cinema bathroom has come out of the blue and gotten in contact with me again and I don't really mind this time. He knows he made a mistake and wants to be friends again. I'm pretty sure I can handle that.

Decode: Decode, as I used to mention, was a year younger boy I had a massive crush on that has now weened off for good. He now, I suspect, has found a girlfriend in a friend of mine who's socially inept like myself and I'm happy for him. Very happy.

Shades: Shades was a year younger color-blind boy who i also have a crush on and most likely still do. He rides on the school bus with me every morning except Tuesdays (he now has work then) and we can talk about anything. He's really sweet and I suspect his and his ex are back together, but that's okay. i usually admire from afar anyway.

Pokeball/Jen: Pokeball, otherwise known as Jen, is an old friend of mine ever since Grade 3 who knows everything and anything about the Pokemon franchise. She usually listens to a popular Australian radio station during the day and knows almost every modern song ever played and any band currently on the airwaves today.


Wavy: Wavy is a Year 8 student with learning difficulties who always says hello to me when I walk in the door. He is one of my new, apparent fanclub of Year 8's who think that basically, I'm the best thing since sliced bread.

Whovian/Fellow Who: Another Year 8 student who also friends with Wavy and she adores me, also loves Doctor Who like myself. I share a locker with her in the building we all reside in.

Decibels: Another Year 8 student who also friends with Wavy and Whovian as well. She also is very loud and screechy, love One Direction and Shimejis.

Wheels: A partly hearing impaired, wheelchair bound girl who's also in Year 8, who shares a locker with Decibels. She always says hello to me when i pass her in the halls and she's really smart and sweet despite her current state.

Giddy: A intellectually impaired boy in Year 10 who seems to find everything funny, including my smiles at him. Known for running down the halls making silly noises with his arms in the air and twisting and throwing things, I decided to call him giddy because, even though the teachers try to make him, he won't sit still!

Blondie: A smart, blonde haired, sweet Year 8 boy who shares classes with Wavy, Whovian, Decibels and Wheels. He also happens to have a crush on Wheels and from what he knows and Decibels knows, it's reciprocated highly.

Gamer: A Year 9 color-blind boy who plays platform and shooting games endlessly on his school laptop and wants to follow in the footsteps of Pokeball in knowing about all the Pokemon in the world.

Blank: Blank is just that, blank. A Year 11 boy with half a brain, that attends our school Math class for one day a week and does hardly anything to contribute to his work. (If you wonering why I'm with a Year 11 in a math class when I'm in Year 12, it's because I finished Year 12 Math last year and had to go back and do the part I skipped over.)

Shooter: Shooter is an autistic, Year 11 boy who sits next to me in my Math class and pretends to shoot imaginary weapons at people and knows a hell of a lot about violent games. He's also one of my best friends, he can make me smile without saying a word.
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